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*Facebook и Instagram признаны экстремистской организацией, деятельность которой запрещена в РФ

Here’s what you get with LeadConverter?

7 easy-to-use modules that our team constantly updates according to messengers’ policies and your marketing needs
Chat-bot builder
Landing Pages
Group messages
Payment processing
You get everything we have
to offer regardless of your plan :)
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Fully functioning platform
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  • If you need help migrating your subscribers list to our platform
  • If you need any additional technical solution that we don’t have yet
  • Just let us know - we strive for your success
We’re here to give advice and implement :)
No matter what your niche is,
you will benefit from chatbot, and this is why:
If your Target Audience has a smartphone,
they use messengers and social media
You get to choose the way
and means of communication with your audience
Our platform is flexible and easily customizable – for any idea you have we offer a way to fulfill
These businesses are already leveraging their efforts and skyrocketign their revenue with chatbots
These businesses are already leveraging their efforts and skyrocketign their revenue with chatbots
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What can chatbot do for you?

Accept payments 24 / 7
Respond to thousands
of similar questions
Send free and paid content
on a schedule
Get and save your clients’
contact info
Send media and all types of files
Displays communication with your client
in real time
How can you leverage the power of chatbots?
Present your products
and services
No need to repeatedly respond to the same questions – let your chatbot do it for you. Product packages, prices, best features, warranties, FAQs – chatbot will answer all of this and more
your tribe
Make your best offer and let your chatbot follow up even if there was no sale this time
Funnels, Gamification, Automated Sales
Uplevel your customer experience with gamification and content delivery that’s 40% more efficient than average e-learning or funnel
Provide advice
for your prospects
Help your prospects get the answewrs they’re seaking without waitnig for Customer Support response
Chatbots automatically gather your clients’ contact info, creates groups and follows up if they get stuck in your funnel
Create and manage client list
Let your clients book appointments, restaurant tables, RSVP to your invitations – all inside their favorite messenger

How is LeadConverter different?

Detailed Analytics
Get clear picture of not only if your client clicked that button, but which steps they actually followed through and where your funnel lost them. Which message sequence brings the most sales and which traffic source works best.
Fully Automated Everything
Any routine you or your clients have – can be automated. We made it as easy as 1-2-3. Create your chatbot in three messengers at once. No need to cope and paste, switch between platforms, and no mistakes. Press the “Synchronize It” button and watch your chatbot working everywhere ;)
Create subscribers lists depdnding on the steps they stopped and get back to them with even better offers.
Didn’t find
a feature you need?
We constantly update our platform to meet your marketing and automation needs.
НWe stand for stellar functionality and best customer support. If you need any feature – just let us know – and we’ll find a way to add it to our service. We’re happy when you’re happy
Visually intuitive interface
No need to read pages of documentation before you can start using our platform. We do have the most comprehensive newbie-friendly knowledge base and ChanBot Crush Course although to turn you into a chatbot ninja
We’re here for your success!
Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? Marketing or technical inquiries? Our team is there for you – to consult, support, fix issues, help making the best use of our platform for you and celebrrate your success :)
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now you get to choose
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We’ll be happy to advise you, answer every question and even give you some ideas how chatbot could improve and leverage your marketing efforts.
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